Welcome to your home away from home!

We are located at the first floor of a quiet building in the heart of the city center of Magenta, meters away from the train station and in front of a big free parking lot.

Distance from the main attraction points


We are 10 minutes away with the regional train, 20 min with the direct train from Milan's fair site. The main advantage is that you can avoid getting stuck in traffic  and avoid parking (that costs €10 per day). You can just leave the house and turn right.

MILANO CENTRALE (25min) Trainstation

We are 25 minutes away with the regional train, 40 minutes with the slow train.

Going to Milan with the train avoids you the hassle of buying the pollution ticket needed in the C area of the city and saving of time and money to find a parking space.



It takes only 20 min to reach the two terminals of Malpensa. Driving to Linate and Orio al Serio it takes a little longer, 45 minutes for Linate and 55 for Bergamo.

AUTOSTRADA A4 - Arluno exit (MI) or Mesero/Marcallo (TO)

We are 9 minutes away from the Castle of Arluno and 10 from Marcallo-Mesero. It takes a minute to get to the A4, one of the most important high ways in Italy.


The Milan soccer temple, home of the most titled team in the world is only 30 minutes away.


Il forum di Assago è un'importantissima struttura polivalente nella quale vengono ospitati moltissimi eventi sportivi, concerti e congressi.

E' possibile raggiungerlo in circa 30 minuti grazie ad autostrada e tangenziale.


It's possible to reach Novara in 25 minutes by car using the highway or in 18 minutes by train. 

Novara is a beautiful city in Piemonte proud of its medieval cobblestoned streets. The symbol of the city is the Basilica di San Gaudenzio, built between the  XVI & XVII century.